Room 5280


Entertain your imagination at Jacksonville’s fun-filled spot of Room 5280. Grab your family, friends, co-workers and even strangers to join in some adventurous games. Time is against the team as everyone pushes through puzzles. Everyone in the group needs to stretch their imaginations. In doing such, the group can look for hidden objects. Each object leads the group to find the next clue to help you to solve the puzzles and successfully escape Room 5280. Click on the following rooms and descriptions to figure out which room you and your team are most interested in. As soon as you try one, you will want to come back for more!

The Heist

One of the most intricate escape room games is through playing The Heist. As the story goes, an eccentric millionaire steps out for an hour walk. You and your team have exactly one hour to rob the millionaire’s house. There will be cash, paintings, jewelry and more. The problem is that the man set his house up with all kinds of traps. Including puzzles, hidden places, safes, locks and other “surprises”. The group will need to be quick on the feet as being organized and creative to pull the heist off. You may wonder if you all may be committing a crime. The best thing to remember, is to not get caught!

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The Experiment

The Chlandi is a great, but daring, professor. While working on one of his experiments, Chlandi comes close to a dangerous experiment. This may explain why it is a mystery of why he has vanished. Unfortunately, the kind of experiment that he was working on is unknown. The Experiment is now left up to you and your team. You must solve the mystery by using your creativity and logic.

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As one of the more challenging rooms to conquer, as Professor Moriarty and his partner are planning a new crime! Bombs are hidden all throughout parts of London Underground. You only have sixty minutes to visit Moriarty’s office, distinguish who the assistant is and locate the bombs to successfully escape. To make it through the room you need to use your logic, observation and process of elimination.

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The Dark Room

Great for beginners and those who enjoy mystical themes, The Dark Room encompasses an airy essence. To successfully make it through the room, you must follow the path that the former tenant used to escape. Confident that you have what it takes to make it through the darkness? You, your team and your trusty flashlight need to look for clues. By solving puzzles, open secret doors and discover hidden items to make it out in time. Based upon a true story, you and your team have a 40% likelihood of making it out in time.

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Every one of the rooms has its own characteristics, to keep teams united through the process of solving the clues. Teams think quick on their feet, as they look for clues. Escape rooms are a fun way to come together!

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