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Mastermind Escape Games hosts some of the best-rated escape rooms in the Jacksonville area. With top-notch props, friendly staff, and immersive storylines, escapees can thoroughly enjoy what Mastermind Escape Games has to offer.

There are four storylines available to play at the Jacksonville location: Sorcerer’s Secret, Outbreak: Find the Cure, Bank Heist, and Lost in Time. In these escape games, the scenarios are diverse and vastly different from one another, so you can easily come back and enjoy a new game.

Additionally, fans appreciate Mastermind Escape Games’ clue system, which is integrated into an iPad. This innovative clue system is very user-friendly and appreciated by visitors, especially those that are new to the escape game experience.

From whimsical wizardry to robbing a bank, Mastermind Escape Games’ scenarios are outside of the ordinary. “Sorcerer’s Secret,” “Outbreak: Find the Cure,” “Bank Heist,” and “Lost in Time” are storylines that both veteran and beginner escapees can enjoy.

Mastermind Escape Games is known for having knowledgeable and interactive staff that are happy to help clarify any concerns or questions you may have. The immersive scenarios and high-quality props allow for a fun escape room anyone can appreciate.

Sorcerer’s Secret

Fantasy lovers: You’re going to love this room! In “Sorcerer’s Secret,” you arrive your uncle’s magic shop to look into his mysterious disappearance. In this escape game, it is your job to stop an evil Sorcerer’s wizardry against him, and escape his lair.  If you can’t escape in time, you will suffer the same fate as your uncle!

The Mastermind Escape Games website categorizes this escape game as “moderate” in difficulty, with an escape rate of 35%. This room’s puzzles feature all kinds of magical sorcery such as wands, potions, and cards, making it an enchanting experience for all visitors. These puzzles are also multi-leveled and intricate. This makes them feel more authentic. Overall, its fantasy theme makes it unique compared to sci-fi or horror escape room themes, supported with many 5-star reviews across the Internet.

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Outbreak: Find the Cure

An educational tour inside of the CDC goes wrong when an experimental virus enters the building’s ventilation system. Now, you and your team have to escape the lab before everyone is infected!

This is one of Mastermind Escape Games’ challenging rooms, with an escape rate of just 21%. The scientific puzzles are thematic, challenging, and require all kinds of sills to complete. The CDC room’s props and puzzles are loved by veteran and beginner escapees alike. To enhance the immersive experience, you’re even given a visitor’s badge to solidify the fact you’re a visitor in a restricted CDC area!

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Bank Heist

In “Bank Heist,” you are joining an infamous gang. But before you can join this gang, you have to prove your worth. Your mob boss has a special mission for you: rob a bank. You have 60 minutes to obtain as much cash as possible from the bank vault before the police catch you. Can you escape with the loot your gang needs?

According to the Mastermind Escape Games website, this is the most challenging escape room offered, with an escape rate of 17%. This game is often deemed professionally-constructed and immersive by visitors. “Bank Heist’s” storyline and puzzles make it a unique and intense escape game unlike traditional ones.

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Lost in Time

A strange object from the future has made its way through time, landing in the distant past. In this escape game, you and your team have volunteered to build a task force that will travel back in time to discover the origin of this object and the catastrophic events it has caused. In 60 minutes, you must find the missing object and return it to its original time period. If you don’t, human history will have distorted forever!

The “Lost in Time” room is set at a moderate difficulty. It possesses an escape rate of 42%, which is the highest of all the escape rooms at Mastermind Escape Games. It features all kinds of clever gizmos and puzzles to work with. This back-to-the-future themed game is definitely a challenge, but plenty of 5-star reviews show that it’s worth the time and effort to complete.

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Mastermind Escape Games’ rooms are undoubtedly three things: challenging, immersive, and fun. Some reviewers found their rates to be pricey, but worth the money, considering how much fun they had. “Sorcerer’s Secret,” “Outbreak: Find the Cure,” “Bank Heist,” and “Lost in Time” are difficult, but top-notch escape rooms that may be worth checking out.

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