How Hard Are Escape Rooms? Tips for Success In 2020


Escape rooms are an exciting and challenging way to test your problem-solving skills, and not to mention a fantastic team-building exercise. Luckily for us, we have tons of great escape rooms right here in Jacksonville, with a huge variety of game types!

While no two escape rooms are made the same, there are certain tips and tricks that you should know before coming into a Jacksonville escape room to make the most of your adventure.

Consider the Size of Your Team

Escape rooms are no doubt a fun way for friends, family, or co-workers to come together, have fun, and build communication skills. Sometimes a fully booked room can get a little bit cramped though, which can make it harder to relay information and collaborate as an entire group.

If you have a large party, consider splitting the team into two and make a friendly competition out of it!

Who’s in the Group?

Sometimes it can be fun to meet new people and solve puzzles together. Sometimes, though, random teams just don’t mesh too well. Lots of different age groups stop in to play at a Jacksonville escape room. A party of young adults likely would go about the puzzles differently than a large family, which in turn would operate differently than a corporate event.

It’s a good idea to think about whether your party wouldn’t mind sharing a public room with a totally different group, or if all of you would prefer to book a private room.

Spread Out

Try not to attack every singular puzzle as a group, but instead split up and work on puzzles separately. This makes it easier to complete the game on time, and also ensures that everybody doesn’t get flustered standing around the same puzzle shouting potential solutions out.

To maintain group cohesion though, call out when you have solved your puzzle. For some game rooms, it may make it easier for another person to solve theirs!

Switch Up Roles

You may get stuck on a puzzle for a while. In this event, many people tend to become fixated on the small things that they’ve already noticed and go over solutions they may have already considered. Looking at something with a fresh pair of eyes really is a great way to come up with new solutions.

If nobody has made any progress on their respective puzzles, consider cycling all of the group members to a new puzzle. That way, everybody has a chance to try their hand at the puzzles, and the game doesn’t stagnate from fatigue.

Organize Game Objects

In many types of Jacksonville escape rooms, your group will have to use and keep track of a lot of objects (things like keys, or other loose miscellaneous items). It takes a lot of time to sort through a pile of things that you have found around the game room and try to remember which needed to be used for what.

Instead, consider organizing based on what you have used and what you haven’t, or what type of object it is. Organizing your tools like this will be vital in streamlining your escape room process.

Search Everywhere!

Stuff is hidden all throughout most game rooms. Search any nook or cranny! If there’s a bookshelf, maybe check out the books. Perhaps there will be a key on the doorframe, or part of a code under a table. Exploring the space deeply is a sure way to find every clue you might need.

Just remember that if something isn’t supposed to move, don’t try to move it! There’s not too much worse of a game conclusion than breaking the game room!

Listen Carefully to the Game Master

During the beginning of the game, or at certain points in the progression of the game, the game master might come in over the speaker. This may be to provide instruction, context for the story, or potentially divulge hints if you need a small nudge to get back on track.

Be sure to pay close attention to everything the game master says, any seemingly insignificant sentence could potentially mean the difference between solving a puzzle or not.

Don’t Bother to Inspect Everything

Some things are just part of a room and aren’t meant to be tampered with. Some of these things are like overhead lights, ceiling tiles, outlets, and safety equipment like fire alarms or sprinklers.

And as a rule, escape rooms are made to be accessible to a wide variety of people, so if something like a drawer won’t budge for you, then it probably is not meant to budge (maybe you just haven’t found the key yet!)

Combination Lock Tips

Sometimes an escape room will have separate puzzles for each number on a combination lock (usually three or four numbers). If you figure out the first three and are behind on time, it might be worth it just to cycle through the available numbers on the last digit of the combination lock.

In a similar vein, if the lock has letters instead of numbers, it may spell out a word. If you have enough letters of a word like KN__E it might be worth it to just guess “KNIFE”.

Time Yourself

It’s really easy to lose track of time in the midst of all the puzzles and flurry of an escape room. Sometimes the game master will give verbal time warnings, or there will be some type of countdown clock.

Just in case there isn’t some type of time-keeping implement in the room, it’s a good idea to keep a watch on you. That way you can keep track of how long you’ve spent on a particular puzzle, or how long you have left in the game.

Don’t Forget that it’s a Game

Remember, sometimes the satisfaction of totally solving puzzles and having lots of fun will outweigh the satisfaction of escaping! After all, you’re paying for the experience of the escape room, and the thrill is in figuring out the puzzles with your team!

Sometimes it can be just as exciting to lose if your team took your time to really figure out the solutions and had a good time with it. Any Jacksonville escape room will be well worth the price, and will be a blast for you and your group!

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