5 Tips For Enjoying An Escape Room With Kids


Children are almost literally small bunches of infinite energy, and for your peace of mind, you probably should find fn ways to help channel this energy. Luckily for you, kids are often willing to enjoy a fun game and try out new things, so long as they fulfill the promise fun and uniqueness.

Enter the concept of escape rooms for kids. You must be wondering, wait, what? If you have kids with ages between ten and twelve, they may agree to give the escape room with adults a choice, which makes it an easier option for them. However, just how possible is it for you to make an Escape Room with kids younger than age 9? You will be surprised by how easy and effective it will be once you decide to try it out.

Escape Rooms are famous for being the perfect ‘out-of-the-box’ fun activity for families looking for interesting ways to bond that do not involve awkward family dinners and conversations. Escape Room games for children can actually transform a dreary birthday party or sleepover, just as long as there is an adult to oversee the games’ progress.

If you are looking for tips and tricks to make Escape Room work for young kids, then you have come to the right place.

First things first: what is an escape room?

Escape Room is a 60-minute time game where a group is presented with games, puzzles, codes, and riddles to crack within the provided time frame. What makes this game so interesting is how every puzzle builds on the next one, such that logic and reasoning will be needed to find every solution before the time runs out. This game is exciting and mind-boggling, especially for the adventurous and thoughtful child who loves an intellectual challenge.

Older children will most definitely enjoy solving one puzzle and riddle after the other, and the thrill that comes with figuring everything out in the end.  However, younger kids may not find the fun, and may quickly get frustrated and stressed, or even distracted.

Still, with sufficient guidance and supervision, it should be possible to get the kids to enjoy the escape room and benefit from it. Escape rooms are known to improve communication among friends and jog the mind. The goal of the escape room is to solve the total of riddles and puzzles within or even before 60 minutes are over.

If the players are not ready to have fun or do not understand the concept, it will be difficult to implement. However, if you are still interested in making an escape room challenge for kids, then consider these five tips:

Do some research and call ahead

Start by looking for a kids-appropriate Escape Room close to your residence and ensure that it has a child-friendly theme. You can call to ensure that everything will be in order for kids to understand and enjoy playing easily. The last thing you want is to bring your kids an Escape Room with a disturbing theme, like a bloody apocalypse or abandoned death row prison.

Such themes may not bother teens or adults, but will definitely traumatize younger kids. It would be better to choose an Escape room without a theme rather than a scary one. With a themeless Escape Room, you have the freedom to make your own fun theme. If you cannot seem to make up sufficient puzzles or games, consider asking the customer care representative to help you.

Anything like superheroes, 70s theme, or any other aspect that kids identify with and like will make for a great experience.

Talk to the kids

Set the kids up for an escape room for talking to them about it beforehand. While kids love random surprises for their excitement, an escape room may not make for the kind of excitement they like. If anything, the words escape room themselves may make them more nervous than excited.

Talk to them about the game idea in simple terms and what they will be doing within the time frame, and that everything will be okay. Even better, explain that it will be part of a new fun activity that you are organizing for the birthday, sleepover, or other events and that all their friends or favorite cousins will be there too.

Explain that they will simply be solving a series of puzzles and games, which will be fun and relatively easy. If you can give them a sample of puzzles like those they will see, it will make things significantly better.

Lower Expectations

Expecting your child to play as well as an adult would will ruin the day for them

Games that rely on players’ intellect are especially sensitive for children, and if your excessively high expectations start to make them feel stupid, then the essence of the game will be lost on them. They will hate the experience and will probably never attempt it again. If it will be difficult to manage your kids, then it would be better to leave them at home.

Expecting your kids below the age of 9, regardless of their existing talent, to perform like an adult in the game, is unreasonable and unrealistic. Your kids will enjoy playing the game, so long as you guide them through the process. Ensure the games and puzzles are age-appropriate, such as word searches, mazes, pattern recognition, or hidden objects.

Just have a good time

Adults envy children a lot for their ability to have fun. They are perfectly capable of transforming something mundane into a fun activity. If well guided, an escape room can be a whole lot of fun for them. Ensure you include plenty of positive reinforcement, especially if there is a child struggling with the exercise, and encourage everyone, not just the faster ones, to take the lead.


Escape Room can be the perfect family activity. It allows you to incorporate family members of all ages and have a good time. The fact that kids are inquisitive by nature, plus your helpful guidance, should make the Escape Room a favorite family activity.

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