7 Great Escape Room Movies for the Adventure-Minded


Are you aware that escape rooms have been around for over 10 years since the first one was opened in 2007 in Japan? Today, they are not limited to Japan but are found in many countries around the world with the United States alone boasting of over 1,800 of them.

The demand for these types of rooms has remained strong. Escape rooms are renowned for their range of themes and stories that they tell. However, escape room movies are equally popular today.

The Best Escape Room Movies Available

For the most part, movies here revolve around characters stranded in one spot from which they are making frantic efforts to extricate themselves. The best movies are:


Everything about Exam reeks of escape room movies. Escape rooms are all about trying to solve a problem or puzzle within a short span of time. In this movie, eight candidates have 60 minutes to figure the answer out.

The movie revolves around one character, multiple human reactions, and a mystery that needs solving fast before time runs out. It also looks into a secretive company.

What is the objective of taking the Exam? Primarily, only one out of the eight candidates can qualify for the highly sought after corporate job. To qualify, the candidates have to answer only one question. It is packed with more tension than you imagine possible!

Fermat’s Room

Through a series of intriguing riddles, in Fermat’s Room, four experts end up in a party. However, that is just the beginning of the game. Landing at the party is the easiest task. What follows next requires unimaginable creativity and imagination. That is because once they are inside the room, it starts shrinking.

As it does so, their only chance of surviving imminent crashing is to answer a set of challenging riddles. As if that is not enough, the experts have to solve mathematical riddles, which are never anyone’s favorite cup of tea! To crown it all, a stranger plans to murder them if they fail to resolve the riddles in time.

Panic Room

Panic Room was released in 2002 and remains one of the classics of the last 20 years. It features a well-knitted combination of thrilling action and tense screens.

The movie is about a mother and daughter who move into a new house, which a group of three men searching for hidden treasure break into. To survive, the mother and daughter must hide in the panic room! The mother is under incredible pressure to find a way of saving her daughter.

In addition, time is running out faster than she can scream, “Help!” You would struggle to find better escape room movies that keep you on the edge of your seat than what Panic Room has to offer.

Infinity Chamber

Infinity Chamber is one of the most recent movies to enjoy in your escape room. However, the fact that it was released in 2016 is not its only appeal as a must-watch option for escape room movies!

The concept is quite fantastic. One person is in a room trying to outsmart an all-seeing computer. The room he is in is a prison, which he intends to break out of if he can outsmart the computer. Evidently, you will find yourself wondering why he is in prison in the first place.

You would also ask yourself whether he is guilty or innocent. Before answering those questions, you might be puzzled wondering if he can survive the attempt to escape.

Phone Booth

Released in 2002, Phone Booth remains one of the best escape room movies for the adventure it offers. Unlike the others above, it focuses on a character who finds himself stuck in a phone booth rather than a room.

However, he cannot leave the phone booth alive if he does not follow the instructions of a gunman pointing a gun to his head. More intriguingly, he is unable to see the gunman.

On his part, the gunman sees everything the man in the phone booth does. In his place, what would you do? How would you solve the dilemma he finds himself caught up in without losing your life? Get ready for the ride of a lifetime!


Escape rooms have been quite popular since they entered the market in 2007. However, Cube is one of the best escape room movies despite having been released in 1997. It revolves around six individuals who wake up and find themselves in a cube.

All their memories have been wiped out completely. They have no idea how they ended up inside the cube. Nevertheless, they must survive. Most importantly, they have to solve the mystery of the cube too. The volume of goriness and random fatal traps they encounter on their way fuels the tension guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

House of 9

House of 9 tells the story of nine strangers trapped in a house from which escape is impossible. An unseen voice directs their lives. If they want to survive to see the next day, all these strangers must listen to and obey the instructions from the unseen voice.

Those who obey are promised money, food, and water. As the stakes increase, the strangers increasingly show a willingness to do whatever it takes to survive! The plot, which is quite shocking and replete with tons of hitherto unpredictable outcomes, keeps you glued on one of the most stunning escape room movies.

Wrapping Up Escape Room Movies

That said, the industry is full of amazing escape room movies that you would adore for the adventure they deliver. Full of tension, overwhelming plots, and a clock that seems to be running down faster than the characters can solve riddles and problems, you are likely to feel the suspense in every sinew of your muscle.

Weave your way from one scene of these movies to the next safely locked in the escape room. All the movies mentioned here enjoy stellar reviews from critics around the world. Therefore, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you would not be wasting time watching boring stuff that is not worth a single second of your time!

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