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Escape room games are, without a doubt, one of those most immersive and hands on games you can play. They are growing increasingly popular due to the demand for immersive and hands-on games. When you participate in an exciting escape room, you and your team must use your deductive skills to find clues, solve puzzles, and beat the timer to victory.

With The Great Escape Room, there are plenty of great experiences you can have. “An escape from the ordinary,” this escape room offers five games you can complete, with one exciting 100-minute game coming soon. The Great Escape Room even offers team building experiences for corporate events, parties, and other events you might host. This escape room’s games are referred to as award-winning experiences, allowing you to “challenge yourself, train your brain, and create lasting memories,” and that’s exactly what escape rooms do. You can work together with your friends, family, and other teammates to decode the clues and beat the clock in the many games that The Great Escape Room offers.

Professor Moriarty’s Game Room

In “Professor Moriarty’s Game Room,” the villains don’t play games. In order to save the world, you must find the antidote and defeat Professor Moriarty’s wicked plans. However, to do this, you must beat him at his own game. Between solving puzzles and finding clues in hiding spots, this game is great for those looking for a challenge.

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The President’s Bunker

In “The President’s Bunker,” you are locked in the President’s bunker, which sits under the White House, by Professor Moriarty’s grandson. It’s your team’s job to regain control of the command center’s nuclear missile program before your time runs out. This is an extremely well-rated and enjoyed escape room by both veterans and new players. It’s considered a challenging game by many, but with clear clues and a very immersive experience. This game is also loved for its professional and life-like props.

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Dr. Watson’s Infirmary

This is quite the unconventional, but enjoyable escape room. In “Dr. Watson’s Infirmary,” you are brought into the world of Sherlock’s loved sidekick, Dr. Watson. Returning to his work as a surgeon, Dr. Watson finds himself and his team of top-notch cardiac surgeons locked out of the operating room. That’s right- you and your team must perform heart surgery before it’s too late for the patient. For those looking for a quirky, out of the ordinary room, this one’s for you.

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Sherlock Holmes’ Library

In “Sherlock Holmes’ Library,” you and your team must put your deductive skills to the test. You have been chosen as an apprentice under no other than the iconic Sherlock Holmes. In order to join “The League of the Masters of Elementary Deduction,” you must solve your first mystery here in Sherlock Holmes’ Library. According to many reviewers and The Great Escape Room’s website, this room is more of a scavenger hunt-experience than a puzzle-solving one. So, if you’re a fan of scavenger hunt-style games, you may enjoy Sherlock Holmes’ Library.

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Escape the Colosseum

This game is coming soon and has not yet been released, but it seems like an awesome one regardless. As a prisoner held under the Colosseum, you and your team are waiting for your turn in the battle. The legendary gladiator Spartacus once managed to escape one of the same cells you are currently held in.

According to the site, this escape room consists of “95% puzzle solving” and “5% scavenger hunting,” so this room doesn’t play games. However, unlike the other rooms, this game gives you 100 minutes to make your escape. If you don’t, you’ll be pitted against the gladiators. Additionally, you will make your way through multiple rooms under the Colosseum instead of one. This makes “Escape the Colosseum” the longest and most immersive escape room game that The Great Escape Room has.

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On the Run

The Great Escape Room doesn’t just offer games in their buildings, they can bring the game to you! This escape room business offers a portable experience that brings the exhilarating experience of a competitive puzzle-solving game to the event or location of your choice. The game can accommodate over 40 players (with no maximum).

Whether you become the apprentice to Sherlock Holmes or save the world from nuclear disaster, this business can provide some fun and exciting experiences for you and your team. You can participate in one of their exhilarating scenarios, enjoy a team-building experience at work, or even host an escape room at your party with The Great Escape Room

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