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With thrilling themes and extremely fun puzzles. One Way Out in Jacksonville is a must for escape room fans. One Way Out is flooded with 5-star reviews thanks to its exciting storylines, outside-of-the-box puzzles, and top-quality rooms.  Let’s take a look at One Way Out’s escape rooms.


In “ESC201,” you are back in college! However, a stalker has invaded the college campus, and you and your team are locked in the dorms. Additionally, you are locked with your “best friend,” who explains that she isn’t the stalker’s first victim. Campus security has vanished and the clock is ticking. Can you uncover the stalker’s secret and escape in time? Or will you become his next victim? There’s only way to find out! Visitors have thoroughly enjoyed this college-themed escape room.

This room has a difficulty of 3/5 with an escape rate of 25%.

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The Patient

In “The Patient,” someone’s life is now in your hands. A patient has been critically injured in a devastating accident, and if they are not treated in time, they will not make it. With the patient’s life on the line, you must race the clock and discover the clue to their recovery.

This room has a difficulty of 2/5 with an escape rate of 35%. This room is considered the easiest of the six rooms at One Way Out’s Jacksonville location. However, all of the rooms are challenging, so it’s up to you to pick your favorite theme and conquer the puzzles.

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You and your team are now behind bars for impersonating a doctor. Doing the time for the crime is already difficult, but things will become even more awful if you do not escape. You have 60 minutes to leave your cell and sneak past guards to discover the One Way Out. Keep in mind that this is no easy task: You can’t get caught!

This room has a difficulty of 5/5 with an escape rate of 5%, making it One Way Out’s toughest escape room. “Convicted” is quite the challenge, even for veteran escapees, so we don’t recommend this room for beginner escapees. So, do you have what it takes to conquer this room? Check out more information on “Convicted” below!

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In “Collision,” you escape a life sentence and return to the scene of the accident. However, the trail to your missing friend meets a dead-end. This case will take a thrilling and shocking turn of events, leaving you and your team in a dangerous situation. Will you discover the whereabouts of your friend? Or will you find the real truth of the case?

This room has a difficulty of 4/5 with an escape rate of 15%.

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An exciting escape room for our secret agents: You have discovered a cryptic message, leading you to a strange experience in the forest that may lead you to your missing friend. Be warned: You may be watching “them,” but there may be others watching you as well.

This room has a difficulty of 3/5 with an escape rate of 35%. If you’re into the classic “cabin in the woods” theme with an even better twist, you’ll probably enjoy “Rendezvous.” Compared to the difficulties of the other escape rooms, this one is less challenging. But it still involves lots of exciting clue-finding and puzzle-solving.

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Black Site

In “Black Site,” you discover a secret underground bunker owned by the government. While you may have discovered a phenomenon unlike any other, no one knows it exists, and the handful of people that know its whereabouts won’t say a thing. Can you and your team escape the “Black Site” and find the truth?

This room has a difficulty of 4/5 with an escape rate of 10%, making it the second toughest escape room that One Way Out has to offer. With a unique theme of discovering the government’s supernatural secrets, “Black Site” will leave you breathless in its exhilarating storyline and puzzles.

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One Way out doesn’t simply feature interesting scenarios for you to escape from. The storylines’ in-depth plots, immersive rooms, and intricate puzzles clearly shows the amount of effort One Way Out puts into their escape games.

Additionally, One Way Out offers escape games to corporate events that are rated #1 by TripAdvisor. They also have a conference space available for before-or-after event activities, including tables, chairs, a microwave, and a refrigerator. If you’re a fan of challenging, immersive, top-notch escape rooms, then you’re going to have a good time at One Way Out.

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