How To Create And Promote A Mobile Escape Room In 2021


A mobile escape room is a fun space where teams comprising 2-10 players get the chance to solve riddles and puzzles, find keys, and open locks. The goal is to get out of the escape room within a given time limit. Based on this, the rooms are akin to pressure cookers and require tons of concentration to play fast and efficiently.

Creating And Promoting A Mobile Escape Room

Most escape rooms are brick and mortar spaces but today you can access mobile rooms too. In some places, the popularity of these exact types of escape rooms has shot through the roof. In others, it seems more effort is required to popularize them.

Whatever the case, it is possible to learn not only how to create but also promote such a room in 2020, as you are about to see below.

Making the Room Spacious

Here, the starting point is to make the room as spacious as possible. Remember, the mobile escape room will be attracting between two and 10 people at a time. The last thing you need is for the players to feel all crumped up in tiny spaces.

Nevertheless, it is not possible to come up with your own sizes. Instead, you have to operate within the legally recommended dimensions. In the United States, for example, street-legal vehicles must restrict themselves to a width of 102 inches, which is roughly 8.5 feet. While doing that, it would also be prudent to follow the floor plan. Without it, you would have a nearly impossible time making your customers feel comfortable. Floor plan also dictates:

  • How big/small your trailer looks
  • The general feng shui of your escape room

Impact of Trailer Shape on Choice of Theme and Game Design

Secondly, in creating your mobile escape room, you also have to consider the shape of your trailer. That is primarily because the shape is central in determining the choice of the theme and the design of the game. Nevertheless, this can feel a bit intimidating and limiting in terms of the types of designs and themes worth trying out. For this reason, it is essential to bring all your designers to the same page.

Make sure that they all agree to work together to brainstorm as many possible themes and designs to use instead of canceling any out. Here, you mostly require the input of a game designer and a set designer. Their main priority should be to addressing the “why” of the shape.

Control Room Space

Control room space is an important factor in creating a superb mobile escape room. However, it is important to remember that you do not have to include or spare some space for the control room. The market is full of escape rooms with and without control rooms.

Nevertheless, anyone who feels like introducing them should go right ahead. You could set up yours at the back or in front of the trailer based on your preference. Some owners prefer setting up their control rooms in auxiliary location.

For example, it is not strange to find somebody setting up such space as far as 300ft away from the actual escape room. If you prefer this option, then you must set up an effective system that allows you to:

  • Operate the system
  • Speak with your customers
  • Watch the customers

Impact of Climate on Design

Does weather affect the kind of design to choose for the mobile escape room? Ideally, it should not. However, it is important that you choose the kind of design that would withstand all types of climate. Mostly, you should ensure that your escape room has a functioning AC unit. Stick a few of these units on the roof. Alternatively, hire a technician to install a heater in one of the corners.

Without proper insulation, you would be exposing players to adverse conditions, which they would be unwilling to play in for long. Additionally, remember to insulate the spaces between the metallic beams, which trailers rely on to support their structure. Do not forget to insulate the actual beams too.

Safety Concerns

You should never ignore safety concerns and features when creating a mobile escape room. For starters, get a professional to install the generator. Otherwise, you run the risk of exposing yourself and your customers to some of the most noxious fumes. Secondly, hire a technician to do proper cabling and wiring.

Avoid exposing the wires openly. Watch out for the wires and cables too during the construction phase. Most importantly, do whatever it takes to run a successful business. That could include training your game master properly so that he understands everything pertaining to the business. Some of the most important lessons to educate the game master on include:

  • How to drive the trailer fitted with the escape room
  • Appropriate laws and regulations
  • Maintenance and service

Know Your Clients

Lastly, it is vital to know your clients well. Depending on the location, your clients might vary. Other factors such as types of games and the local demographics could affect the kind of client you attract. In some places, you might attract more clients who need the mobile escape room for youth birthday parties or corporate events.

In other places, your services might be more appealing to religious organizations, schools, or youth camps. Many owners prefer marketing to corporates since they are willing to pay more for this for their teambuilding events. Additionally, do not forget to put a premium on creating unique customer experience and delivering topnotch customer service. Neglect your employees to your detriment too!

Our Final Thoughts on Mobile Escape Room Creation

Essentially, there is no room for second-guessing yourself! To run a successful mobile escape room, you should do it right from the start. Make sure that your trailer has proper insulation, heating, and cooling systems. Do not open the door for business until you are sure that your escape room is structurally sound too. Acclimatize yourself with the local laws and regulations that govern this kind of business as well.

On top of that, insure that trailer and make sure that it has all the amenities that keep your customers fully entertained. However, do not limit yourself to trailers alone. You have the option of going for a box truck, bus, pop-up game, or tent depending on your budget and preference.

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