Welcome to Jacksonville Escape Room, the premier, simple guide to escape rooms around magical Jacksonville, Florida. We have been in your situation. You want to do an escape room, but are unsure which is the best option. Let us be your guide. Click on through to peruse the escape room locations and individual rooms available.

The Great Escape Room

With The Great Escape Room, there are plenty of great experiences you can have. “An escape from the ordinary,” this Jacksonville escape room offers five games you can complete, with one exciting 100-minute game coming soon. The Great Escape Room even offers team building experiences for corporate events, parties, and other events you might host.

This escape room’s games are referred to as award-winning experiences, allowing you to “challenge yourself, train your brain, and create lasting memories,” and that’s exactly what escape rooms do. You can work together with your friends, family, and other teammates to decode the clues and beat the clock in the many games that The Great Escape Room offers.

One Way Out

With thrilling themes and extremely fun puzzles. One Way Out in Jacksonville is a must for escape room fans. One Way Out is flooded with 5-star reviews thanks to its exciting storylines, outside-of-the-box puzzles, and top-quality rooms. Let’s take a look at One Way Out’s escape rooms.

Mind Bender Escape Rooms

Mind Bender Escape Rooms are considered enjoyable and exciting escape rooms by the escapee community. This location features immersive and interactive experiences for you and a team of up to 10 people to conquer. This Jacksonville escape room business is all about team building, letting out your inner detective in fun and exciting escape games. Their rooms are great for corporate events, youth groups, sports teams, date nights, and more.

Mastermind Escape Games

Mastermind Escape Games hosts some of the best-rated escape rooms in the Jacksonville area. With top-notch props, friendly staff, and immersive storylines, escapees can thoroughly enjoy what Mastermind Escape Games has to offer. There are four storylines available to play at the Jacksonville escape room location.

Breakout Games

Breakout Games offers six different escape rooms for you and your team to enjoy. Each room consists of different mysteries, settings, and roles for you and your team to play. No matter the storyline you choose, your team has only 60 minutes to break out and conquer the challenge.

You can pick between being the victim of a kidnapping, an island escapee, the hostage of a plane hijacking, or even finding an art thief or a missing agent. Defeating the escape room involves finding clues, decoding puzzles, and cracking codes with the clock ticking.

Room 5280

Entertain your imagination at Jacksonville’s fun-filled spot of Room 5280. Grab your family, friends, co-workers and even strangers to join in some adventurous games. Time is against the team as everyone pushes through puzzles. Everyone in the group needs to stretch their imaginations.

In doing such, the group can look for hidden objects. Each object leads the group to find the next clue to help you to solve the puzzles and successfully escape Room 5280. Click on the following rooms and descriptions to figure out which room you and your team are most interested in. As soon as you try one, you will want to come back for more!