5 Great Escape Room Strategies To Ensure Success


Escape room is the kind of activity for you if you need a break from the awkward and expensive family dinners, bowling alley tournaments, or other board games. If you would like to surprise your group of college friends with an interesting activity for when you meet up, or maybe it’s your turn to find something fun for the family to bond over, escape room will make for an unforgettable experience.

If you are new to the concept of escape room and want to make your first time playing it a success, then you have come to the right place. Escape room is also subject to first impressions, and if you want your friends and family to love it, then you need to make the first time right.

Escape Room Strategies 1) Invite people you know will enjoy it

You may not be able to choose your family, but if you want escape room to work, then ensure that you pick the right bunch of cohorts to enjoy it with. Grab a group of your most interesting and fun friends, people that seem to love new, spontaneous experiences, and have the predispositions to laugh, make fun, and make the experience memorable.

Escape room is a set of puzzles and riddles that must be solved as quickly as possible, before or within 60 minutes. The puzzles will come from different areas, and the group will require different skills to solve them successfully. While it will require quick wit and sharp intellect, you will also require a group of friends that is fast on their feet, knowledgeable on the theme area, and ready to think outside the box.

Such a group will more likely be energetic and cooperative and will build quickly on each others’ strengths to accomplish the goals of the game. If you are having a hard time hand-picking your squad, then do not fret. That quiet and laidback co-worker or cousin you think is boring might actually turn out to be a better player than you thought. All the group will require is your guidance to keep the energy and fun levels through the roof.

Escape Room Strategies 2) Ensure that you understand the rules before you get started

Paying attention to the rules is essential to maintain the essence of the game and ensure order and fairness. Be sure to go through and listen to the rules before you start the escape room. Your guide may throw in some clues and hints that will help you unravel the riddles faster and reach your goals within the time frame.

The guide will, obviously, not reveal the answers, but a veteran player will tell you that listening keenly to them will be worth your while. What’s more, failing to adhere to the rules of the game might make you touch or interfere with things that are forbidden, or make you lose valuable time while the real clues are hidden in the message all along.

Use your guide to make your experience as great as possible also by asking them questions. You can ask anything you believe will help you get through the room, looking for clues and answers way faster. For instance, inquire whether you are allowed to remove any art from the walls, move heavy objects, or tear away ‘wallpaper.’ also, ask how you will receive a clue to help move forward in case you and the squad get stuck.

The most exciting and fun part about escape rooms is that the clues are virtually anywhere, and the closer you listen and revisit your guides’ advice, the better your chances will be at unveiling them.

Escape Room Strategies 3) Get there on time

You, as the ‘proposer’ of the game, especially, must get to the venue of the game on time to ensure that everything is in order. Getting there early is a sure way to provide enough time for you and the squad to ask any questions and get clarifications on any queries you may have.

If there are some players in the group that you are not familiar with, use this time for introductions and to break the ice as the game requires free-flowing and easy communication. Besides, if anyone is feeling new and isolated, it will not be any fun for them. If anyone wants to drink some water, stretch a little, or use the bathroom, now will be the time!

Escape Room Strategies 4) Divide and conquer

Clues in the escape room are literally anywhere, and to stand a better chance at winning, you should organize yourselves into smaller groups. As soon as the timer starts, you will want to start immediately, and each group should take to their set of drawers or moving things around to find clues.

The clues could be anywhere, so if there is anyone with a unique ability when it comes to hide and seek, have them lead the mission in your group to find the first clue. As soon as anyone finds a clue, have them call out to the rest of the players to investigate and interpret.

The puzzles can be anything from word puzzles to codewords or number codes; ensure that the people with remarkable abilities at these games are at the forefront leading the groups. Everyone else should quickly but carefully touch, feel around, look, and find.

Escape Room Strategies 5) Communication is vital for success

If you are not friendly with the people in your squad, now is the time to open up the communication lines and promote conversation as escape room is only winnable if people talk. Assign tasks and responsibilities to everyone, even if you or they do not seem to know where their strengths lie.

When it comes to a task like escape room, the more the merrier as more minds can quickly decipher the riddles and puzzles keeping the door shut. You may be the game proponent, but if someone else is better at an activity, let them shine and help others through. Ensure you communicate the rules well to ensure proper time utilization and boost your chance at escaping the room.

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