Finding The Best Escape Room For Kids To Enjoy In 2021


At a time when the entire world seems to be on a permanent lockdown because of COVID-19 and schools are shut for the same reasons, it could be difficult to keep your kids active. How many books could they read? What sort of games should you allow them to play? Where can they play in case they want to go outside?

Fortunately, you have no reason for fretting over all that. For starters, you have the right solution for just this kind of problem with escape room for kids. As a parent or guardian, your task is a simple one; that is, finding the best escape rooms that your kids can enjoy.

How to Find The Best Escape Room For Kids

Success at escape rooms requires proper strategies. It also requires intense focusing to solve the puzzles or play games victoriously. Riddles and codes would be impossible to solve if you do not concentrate fully. To add salt to the injury, you are under the clock, which is a huge challenge for people who do not work well under pressure.

Based on this, what would you need to do to enjoy and be successful in the room? Would you need to leave your kid behind while having the time of your life inside escape room for kids? As you would learn below, you only need to follow these tips:

Research Properly

As you proceed with research, you will notice that most escape rooms are themed. If you pay close attention, you would also notice that they tell different stories. Therefore, have these two factors in mind when you embark on research. Examples of some of the most commonly featured themes and stories in escape room for kids include:

  1. Espionage
  2. Pirates
  3. Zombies
  4. Laboratories
  5. Prison breaks

However, it is worth noting that you have a lot of work to do even if you have all the information needed on the themes. That is mostly because you have to consider your kids. The one question you have to ask at all times is, “Will the theme traumatize them?” Some products designed for kids are not suitable for all kids. Each kid reacts differently to each product. As you research, ask the maker of each escape room as many details as you can.

Researching also involves calling ahead to learn more from the staff. Remember, the more information you have, the easier it is to prepare your kids for the upcoming adventure.

Prepare Your Kids Adequately

Secondly, it is imperative that you spend as much time as possible preparing your kids, especially if you are about to expose them to escape rooms for kids for the first time. It hurts no one to spend a few minutes with your kids talking about escape rooms. As you do that, remember to explain to them what escape rooms are.

Secondly, take time to educate the kids on the reasons for going to the escape room. Third, you would also have to let them know what to expect once they get to the escape room. Preparation also includes talking to the kids about the need for being attentive and concentrating on the tasks fully.

While at the escape room, your kids should not be caught up in the following activities:

  1. Running
  2. Screaming
  3. Throwing stuff around
  4. Destroying stuff
  5. Ignoring instructions the escape room personnel issued

Enjoy the Experience with Your Kids

Furthermore, it is important to take time to enjoy the entire experience in the company of your children. Escape rooms are fun activities for the entire family, not just the kids alone. Be ready to answer the millions of questions that the little ones ask you. Everything inside the escape room appears interesting to kids.

All the stuff and activities blow the young minds up. For this reason, you ought to exercise a bit of patience with them. If you want to spend the entire session scolding your kids for ignoring the instructions issued by the escape room staff, you would be quite miserable at the end of it all.

Allow Kids to Participate in Age-Appropriate Activities

Kids cannot perform every task that is available at the escape room. For this reason, it is imperative that you help them to settle on something that is appropriate for their age. You would have the best time if you keep your kids occupied by allowing them to participate in their own activities.

Often, puzzles are not age-appropriate for kids. However, searching for hidden items would leave your kids excited. Are you playing a puzzle that requires you to push dials and buttons at the end of the game? In that case, you would benefit greatly from giving your kids the opportunity to press them for you.

Positive Affirmation

It also pays to affirm your kids positively as many times as possible. Children of all ages and gender appreciate praise from their parents. Escape room for kids provide one more avenue for praising your kids and getting their confidence up a notch or two. Praise your kids even if you do not feel like doing that because of the intense pressure you face inside the escape rooms.

Being under the clock inside the room is no excuse for denying your kids the praise they crave. To do that, you would be wise to give your kids simple tasks they can perform. For example, praise them every time they press the dial or button for you.

Our Final Thoughts on Escape Room For Kids Options

Lastly, you do not have to enjoy the escape room for kids alone. Instead, you can enjoy it in the company of your child or children. Unlike parents who force their children to sit down at one spot, you should choose to be a bit different. For starters, you should consider making the kids your allies. Assign them simple tasks that they can do based on their ages. Remember to talk to them too in advance before arriving at the room.

Additionally, allow your kids to be children rather than expecting them to act like adults. After all, the escape room is a feast for the eyes, which means your kids would have tons of questions to ask you. Most importantly, have fun!

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