8 Reasons an Escape Room Date Is A Surprisingly Great Option


As you’re just getting to know a potential romantic partner, the choice of what to do on a date can be fraught with pressure and anxiety. You’re both striving to make a good impression, and the location and activity can have a significant impact on whether the date feels fun and relaxed or uncomfortable and awkward.

Why A Jacksonville Escape Room Date Is Awesome

Whether it’s your first date with a new person or you’ve been seeing each other for a while, an escape room is one of the best possible options for your outing. Keep reading to discover eight reasons that explain how a reservation at a nearby escape room can set you up for success on your next date.

Reason 1: Escape room dates are untraditional.

You and your date have probably each been on dozens (if not hundreds) of dates that consist of meeting for coffee, dinner or a movie, and while these are all pleasant enough activities, there’s nothing interesting or innovative about them. If you want to make a big impression on your date, an escape room will show your creativity and impress your date with the fact that you took the time to find something unique to do instead of defaulting to the same tired, traditional date ideas that most couples choose.

Reason 2: Escape room dates build incredible memories.

From the first few minutes of your time together, you’ll be sharing an exciting and challenging experience as you work to solve puzzles, discover clues and ultimately unlock the solution that will lead to your escape. Even if you don’t end up in a long-term relationship, chances are your date will look back on the escape room outing with fondness, and if you do continue dating, it’s a memory you’ll look forward to revisiting again and again.

Reason 3: Escape room dates avoid awkward silences.

As you’re just getting to know someone, keeping the conversation going can often be challenging, and long pauses and awkward silences can create tension and stress. In an escape room, you’re focused on finding clues and solving the overall puzzle, which provides instant conversation fodder and eliminates the need to make small talk. The escape room provides an effective ice-breaker that often makes it more comfortable to end the date with coffee or a meal.

Reason 4: Escape room dates deliver excitement and adrenaline.

Working fervently to solve the escape room as the clock ticks down to zero creates a rush of adrenaline that you and your date get to share, which can ultimately heighten your chemistry and draw you closer together. You’ll associate the sense of joy and excitement you experience in the escape room with being with your date (and vice versa), and the endorphin rush of achieving a goal together increases the likelihood of a subsequent date.

Reason 5: Escape room dates are a good value.

You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a date idea that offers as much high-stakes energy and fun as an escape room, and for a fixed price, the escape room does most of the planning and setup for you. Compared to the traditional dinner date, an escape room date also eliminates the financial pressure for both parties, since you won’t have to worry about the prices on a restaurant menu and how to handle the check when it’s time to settle up with the waiter.

Reason 6: Escape room dates are just good fun.

It’s almost impossible to have a bad experience in an escape room. They challenge your brain, reward creativity and promote teamwork. Even if you don’t find your way out in the allotted time, chances are you’ll have laughed and played along the way, which is far more valuable than simply achieving the end goal.

Reason 7: Escape room dates reveal communication styles.

In an escape room, good communication is essential to progressing through the clues to solve the challenge. Being in that crucible together for 60 to 90 minutes can show you a lot about how the other person communicates, their problem-solving approach and how well you play off each other’s strengths to unlock the next piece of the puzzle.

The low-stakes pressure of an escape room can also provide hints for how you each deal with adversity and whether you can form an effective team. It’s not a surefire test of compatibility, but an escape room date can definitely provide a useful window into your partner’s psyche.

Reason 8: Escape room dates help you get to know each other in subtle but valuable ways.

If you pay attention, you can learn a lot about your date from their behavior in an escape room that translates into real life.

  • Many escape rooms require significant cooperation and an equal amount of effort from both parties. If you’re putting in a disproportionate amount of effort in this simple challenge, it may be an accurate indicator of how the other person will exist in your relationship.
  • How well your date listens to instructions and pays attention to detail in the escape room can speak volumes about how they’ll interact with you in a relationship.
  • Escape rooms can show how people react under pressure. Do they shut down when things don’t go their way? Do they take responsibility for their shortcomings or look for someone else to blame? Do they operate as a “lone wolf” or a supportive partner?

While the artificial environment of an escape room isn’t a perfect simulation of the real world, it can reveal things about our dates’ character as well as our own—so don’t forget your date will be watching how you respond to the situation as well.

Don’t Wait—Plan an Escape Room Date Today

Whether you’re planning a first date with someone new or you’ve been with your partner for years, an escape room date is guaranteed to be a fun, memorable experience that can help you improve your communication and learn to work together more effectively as a team of two.

With most cities offering at least a handful of escape room options of varying difficulty levels and themes, you’re sure to find a location that matches your interests and budget. Even if the sparks don’t fly, you’ll leave a powerful impression with this unusual and stimulating date idea.

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