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Breakout Games offers six different escape rooms for you and your team to enjoy. Each room consists of different mysteries, settings, and roles for you and your team to play. No matter the storyline you choose, your team has only 60 minutes to break out and conquer the challenge. You can pick between being the victim of a kidnapping, an island escapee, the hostage of a plane hijacking, or even finding an art thief or a missing agent. Defeating the escape room involves finding clues, decoding puzzles, and cracking codes with the clock ticking.

Escape rooms are great for those that would rather play detective, solve mysteries, and think outside of the box than have the fun handed to you. They are interactive, using exhilarating fictional storylines putting you in the role of a thief, a kidnapping victim, or a hostage. This forces you to solve puzzles as if your life depended on it, making the experience even more exciting for first-time visitors. Chelsea R. from Jacksonville Florida rated Breakout Games’ escape rooms as “such a FUN experience” with great hosts and an overall nice atmosphere.

So, do you think you can complete the objective at hand? Check out the rooms offered by Breakout Games below!

Do Not Disturb

In Breakout City, a serial killer is on the loose. He has awakened old fears in the people of the city through his recent kidnappings. At last, you’ve located the serial killer in a run-down motel outside of town. However, he was expecting your arrival, and you’re about to be his next victim. Your investigation-gone-wrong leaves you desperate to escape the motel room before you become one of his next victims.

“Do Not Disturb” features many interesting puzzles and well-hidden clues to help you and your team escape. This escape room is great for those at any experience level looking for a serial killer-themed room that is not scary or intense.

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Island Escape

In “Island Escape,” you and your team were previously enjoying a vacation on a faraway island. Suddenly, the once-dormant volcano begins to erupt, threatening toe people on the island. You and your team are the only people left on the island and must find a way to work together and find the keys to safety before the lava reaches you. This is a great escape room for first-time-escapees looking for an exciting story without overly-complicated puzzles.

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The Kidnapping

In “The Kidnapping,” you are your team members are all held captive. You are all handcuffed and blindfolded in an odd room where you and your friends have 60 seconds to free yourselves before the kidnapper returns. This is a classic escape room with a thrilling serial-killer story. Reviewers have described the blindfolding experience as “immersive,” allowing them to really feel like they were in the role of a kidnapping victim.

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Museum Heist

Art lovers, take note- You and your friends are former art thieves that are hired to search for a stolen collection of rare artwork the night before a prestigious art gallery. Inside the thief’s home, you must search for hints and get your hands on the stolen art before the thief comes home. This is a fantastic, all-ages adventure that even veteran escape artists enjoy.

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Operation: Casino

In “In “Operation: Casino,” you and your team are spies sent to find the alias of a missing agent, and bring down the person responsible for his disappearance. With unexpected twists and turns and realistic and working casino props, you will really discover your inner secret agent in this escape room.

According to many reviewers, the puzzles are well-thought out and the realistic props made it easier to immerse them into the experience. “Operation Casino” incorporates realistic casino props as well as the random, unexpectedness of casino gameplay into the puzzles for an ultimately enjoyable game.

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This is probably the most intense escape room Breakout Games has to offer. Your team’s plane has been hijacked, and next think you know, you’re all handcuffed in the hijacker’s headquarters. With a great range of puzzles, your team must search for the details behind the plane’s hijacking and escape before time runs out.

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None of the games are particularly “scary,” which can be a major concern for guests. Scaring guests is not the point of escape rooms- the point is to use teamwork to find clues and solve puzzles! Breakout Games features a great variety of adrenaline-inducing storylines into their gameplay. Additionally, they are well-known for including high-quality props for an immersive and exciting experience.

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